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Thick, voluminous, wonderfully curled and lustrous: eyelashes have never been so stunningly seductive. Collistar Research presents a new-generation mascara that guarantees maximum definition and flawless hold for eye make-up that is absolutely perfect!

  • Infinite volume and lightness An innovative volume-building agent, rich in natural waxes, gives body, flexibility and lightness to the lashes, shaping them and coating them with intense colour from the very first coat
  • Infinite curl and wear Shellac A precious natural resin with a curling effect, creates a flexible film which helps smooth and coat the lashes while fixing their curl and heightening their lustre with a special glossy effect
  • Infinite definition and precision The revolutionary and high-performance applicator made from soft elastomer is the perfect tool for designing and defining the lashes, virtually multiplying them to infinity from the very first coat. In a highly sophisticated gold-coloured container, it is available in shades extra black, brown, blue and in the new version Strass Effect Top Coat version for a sparkling look.

SKU: CO20631-CO20641

Format: 11 ml

MASCARA INFINITO High precision infinite volume - infinite curl - infinite defin

  • With a revolutionary applicator with "lash-defining" comb, that on the one hand shapes and thickens the lashes, and on the other separates and defines them.

  • A REVOLUTIONARY APPLICATOR FOR LASHES MULTIPLIED TO INFINITY FROM THE FIRST TIME IT IS USED. With its shaped side and shorter bristles, the applicator is used along the whole length, from the root to the tip, to add volume and curves. Then the longer comb bristles add the finishing touches to make-up, fanning out the lashes perfectly. Definition like you've never seen before! Apply the mascara starting from the base of the lashes to the tips, using the shaped part of the applicator with shorter bristles. The final touch: defining and dividing the lashes in a fan shape with the part with the longer "comb" bristles.

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