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Sensual curl and definite volume for a breathtaking look! This is new Mascara Shock’s performance, the result of Collistar Research which has been able to combine the exclusive Lash Curl Complex®, a super complex rich in natural waxes and film-forming resins with a special curved brush that acts as an eyelash curler with an incredible curving power. Used in combination with kajal pencil, the performance is boosted, doubled for a look which is exaggerate, extreme and extraordinary.

SKU: CO20621-CO20622-CO20623

Format: 8 ml

MASCARA SHOCK Non-Stop Curl and Volume

  • It perfectly curves and lengthens lashes, giving them extra volume, in just one go. The non-stop effect carries on right through the day and its formula means lashes gradually become stronger, brighter and more supple.

  • Apply to lashes from root to tip using the brush as shown on the packaging and in the leaflet.

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