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Soft and easily blendable, this pencil owes its success to its extraordinary versatility. It may be used either to define the contours of the lips or as lip colour by brushing it inwards over the lips with the brush provided. Its waterproof formula ensures an extremely long-lasting wear.

SKU:  CO20441- CO20442- CO20445- CO20447- CO20448-CO20449-CO20456 

Format:1,2 ml 

PROFESSIONAL LIP PENCIL Long Lasting - Blendable -Waterproof

  • It designs the lip contour, increases the hold and the intensity of lipstick or gloss, and can be blended in as a lipstick substitute. Prevents smudges.

  • Apply with small strokes, following the natural line of the lip contours and then blend with the brush provided.

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