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The face becomes an artist’s canvas, to be sublimated and perfected so that make-up can truly give its best. How? With Collistar’s new Evening Brightening Primer, flawless, long-lasting and ultra-comfortable, proposed in one very natural shade. Its light, creamy texture, after applying the product to a well cleansed and moisturized face, blends with the complexion and immediately smoothes, brightens, corrects, evens, fills, lifts and freshens the skin.

With a sweep of this ‘magic wand’ shadows, imperfections and unsightly shiny patches are visibly minimized! The recipe is a well-balanced mix of elastomers, silicone-based gel and soft focus powders - to which is added an SPF 10, because the skin must be not only beautiful but also super-protected all day long!

SKU: CO20113

Format: 30 ml

Matte Base - Base Opaccizante

SKU: CO20113
  • Make foundation easier and quicker to apply and gives a flawless result. In one single shade, it evens out and minimizes small imperfections. Increases the hold of make-up.

  • Face Make-Up: ideal before make-up, delicately apply with your fingertips from the center of the face moving outwards. Eye Make-Up: perfect before eye shadow, to enhance its colour and brightness, apply to the eyelids with little touches.

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