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A magic product which smoothes and enhances the complexion, instantly minimizing wrinkles and expression lines. This innovative specialty owes its success to its exceptional silkiness and extraordinary performance. Ideal for all skin types, it carries out a three-fold action: smoothing, filling, and long-lasting.

Instantly its multi-sensory texture blends into the skin, leaving it incredibly smooth and compact. At the same time, the product sets within the wrinkles, filling them in and improving the appearance optically with special soft focus powders which evenly reflect the light. Lastly, the product guarantees long-lasting hold and easy application. Versatile and practical, Make-up Base may be used on its own over a regular skincare cream to produce an extremely natural silk-effect finish, or under make-up, in which case we recommend waiting a few moments before applying foundation or bronzer. The product comes in a classy jar, which must be closed tightly after use.

SKU: CO20114

Format: 15 ml


SKU: CO20114
  • Smoothes, fills in wrinkles with an immediate filler effect, instantly minimizes all imperfections. Colourless, it fixes the make-up and keeps it flawless all day long.

  • On its own: after your regular treatment cream. Before make-up: use your fingertips to apply evenly to the face, starting from the center and moving outwards. Wait a few minutes before applying foundation or bronzing powder.

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