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This Eye Primer Long-lasting Fixer guarantees an absolutely perfect result. This ultra-soft base with its comfortable, sensory touch, is quick to apply, adheres like a second skin and dries in seconds, allowing you to apply eye shadow immediately. When should you use it? Always, because it increases the hold of the eye shadow, smoothes out and reduces imperfections, prevents unsightly ‘creases’ and exalts the colour.

Available in one single beige shade suitable for all complexions, it should be applied with the fingertips or a small brush over the whole lid. Try it on its own also to give the eyes a radiant look . The product is ophthalmologically tested.

SKU: CO20111

Format: 10 ml


SKU: C020111
  • A very soft base for eye shadow, ophthalmologically tested, available in one beige shade. Besides increasing make-up hold, it enhances its colour and prevents the unsightly "line on the eyelid" effect.

  • Apply all over the eyelids using your fingertips or a brush before applying make-up. Can also be used on its own for a natural, bright and smooth eye contour area.

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