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A gloss with irresistible appeal. Classy design, revolutionary formula, exceptional brilliance and an extraordinary repulping effect - this gloss is an explosion of lacquered, pearly and chrome shades with longlasting, ultra-brilliant finish for super-seductive lips. A gloss with a brand new, formula guaranteeing a scientifically-proven repulping effect, exclusive applicator ensuring a perfect application of the correct amount of the product for truly professional lip make-up.

* Instrumental tests on 44 women, average value one hour after the first application.

SKU: CO20402-CO20405-CO20410-CO20412-CO20415



Format: 7 ml

GLOSS DESIGN immediate volume, repulping effect

  • It makes the lips fuller and provides long-lasting brightness. The exclusive flock applicator ensures that just the right amount is used for perfectly applying it to the lips.

  • Apply the lipgloss evenly over the lips and can also be used on top of lipstick.

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