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An exclusive foundation that not only makes the face look instantly perfect and radiant, but also acts as a real youth activator. It contains the same precious active ingredients as Unico Serum, the innovative skin care treatment that repairs, revitalizes and prevents aging. Unique Perfection. Soft, smooth and silky, the ‘cushion effect’ texture blends delicately into the skin, enveloping it in a fine film that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes blemishes, imperfections and signs of aging, creating an instant sense of comfort. Unique Finish. Selected pigments even out the complexion, diffusing the light for a naturally radiant, non-masking finish. The foundation’s elastic consistency ensures blendable cover, enabling you to personalize your make-up. Unique Treatment. Formulated with the same precious active ingredients as Unico Serum, Fondotinta Unico reawakens the inner youth within every woman’s skin. Contains: • Two different Ginseng extracts to boost energy levels to the max and shield the skin cells from damage from exposure to blue light* • hibiscus extract to slow down the skin’s aging processes and prevent damage caused by external agents and free radicals • UVB filters to protect the skin from photo-aging. Protects, perfects and revitalizes, restoring the skin’s natural youth. Fondotinta Unico is the ultimate universal foundation-treatment: ideal at every age, suitable for all skin types, perfect for all complexions and skin tones. Dermatologically tested - Non-comedogenic tested - Nickel tested**- Non-perfumed - Suitable for sensitive skin. *light emitted by electronic devices (TVs, smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.). **Nickel <0.0001%

SKU CO20120-CO20129

UNICO FOUNDATION SPF 15 Universal Youth Essence Foundation

  • Apply evenly in small dabs with the fingertips over the face and neck, starting from the center and working outwards to the sides. Extraordinary by itself, when used with Unico Serum the skin-care benefits are prolonged and intensified, guaranteeing a global anti-age action.

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